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I've just fixed a problem with the site's RSS feed - now it should validate properly. [posted on 31/10/2007]

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To get a PHP tutorial submitted to this site, just create a free account. Once you do this, there will be a "add a tutorial" link on the top right [posted on 30/10/2007]

CodeLovely.com starts beta testing

Hi folks, I've launched a new website called codelovely where developers and web designers can get together and share links. It's like goodphptutorials, but users get to vote up or down links that are posted. So, sign up posts some links, snapshots, code or ask questions.



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Architecture Patterns: Domain Model and Friends

in PHP added by lornajane, on 24/6/2012 advanced tutorials design patterns oo programming oop php php5 techportal

An experienced developer gives us this great article with insight into a collection of patterns we can use to design our systems at a high level. This includes code for the patterns, and practical advice on choosing which is a good fit for your application

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Alternatives to MySQL

in PHP added by lornajane, on 8/6/2012 advanced tutorials drizzle mariadb mysql percona

Post covering the origins, intentions, features and possible pitfalls with replacing MySQL in your application with drizzle, mariadb or percona server. A very thorough overview of the options, by someone who has used them for real.

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CSV Export with Symfony 2

in PHP added by charliepage, on 8/6/2012 csv framework mysql php

A short tutorial on creating a CSV Export feature with the Symfony 2 framework. Included is some sample code for the controller action, the routing for the action and html twig template file.

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Load More Using KnockoutJS, PHP/CodeIgniter (Part 1)

in PHP added by iFadey, on 5/6/2012 AJAX JavaScript knockout mvvm php

Everyone has used social networking sites and almost all of them implement Load More functionality to load additional posts/messages. Load More is actually alternate way of pagination. There are two kinds of Load More functionality. First is to load additional content when the user hits the scrollbar at the bottom of the page. Another kind is to load new content only when user clicks on “Load More” button. Personally I prefer the second one because it reduces the load on server and load content only when user wants it and in this article we will take a look at implementing this second kind.

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A pluggable compiler and virtual machine in Php. Dogfood yourself with your own plugins!

in PHP added by eriksank, on 30/4/2012 advanced tutorials framework oo programming php

If you think compiler construction in a scripting language, such as Php, is indeed more fun than doing it in traditional C, you will like the following article too! We keep building our little compiler and virtual machine in Php. It now built entirely from plugins. Now you can take 5 minutes to create your own small plugin, to extend and improve the compiler and virtual machine. This has never been done before.

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Preventing MySQL Injection

in PHP added by rosstanner, on 30/4/2012 MySQL injection database databases mysql php php5 security

In this tutorial I am going to explain what MySQL injection is and how important it is to prevent this attack on your database(s). It is vital that all security measures are in place before you make your website live because the effects can be devastating especially if you store sensitive data.

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BDD in PHP with Behat

in PHP added by lornajane, on 7/8/2011 PHPUnit advanced tutorials bdd behat php5 tdd techportal unit testing

Great article showing how BDD can be more intuitive than TDD, and showing you how to get started. The author, Marcello Duarte, is the lead developer of PHPSpec and an experienced software project lead and trainer

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Creating web services using PHP

in PHP added by dibosite, on 25/4/2011 soap webservice

learn how to create your first web service in php

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Create an advanced PHP membership system,

in PHP added by thetitan, on 23/4/2011 advanced tutorials beginner tutorials content management general oo programming

Develop an advanced and extendable PHP MySQL membership system for use on your website.

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Why PHP Was a Ghetto

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 20/4/2011 general

I was talking with the Co-founder of a pretty cool start-up in DUMBO the other day about why the non-PHP development world generally has such disdain for PHP and the community surrounding it. He brought up an interesting point that stuck with me, largely because I hadn’t heard it before.

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Tutorial: How to Create a Zip File with PHP / MySQL

in PHP added by anthonydamasco, on 3/4/2011 CMS export mysql zip

Recently I added a function to a CMS that I have been evolving to meet the needs of ereads.com. I needed to allow users to select items (in this case ebooks) from the system and then export files that are attached to the books. So lets get started!

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PHP array pagination

in PHP added by python, on 3/4/2011 CMS array content flat file pageinate pages pagination

Pagination is widely used in database systems but is often not considered for flat file systems. This tutorial will teach you how to offer pagination for simple and complex PHP arrays.

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Detailed Guide to fwrite() Operations

in PHP added by BrandonEnr7, on 24/3/2011 advanced tutorials file handling php5

In this tutorial I will be deeply explaining in detail the many modes of the PHP function fwrite(). Yes, fwrite() is used to write data to files, however the way it is written to the file changes with each mode. In each mode, I will explain its purpose, provide an example, and then explain the code within the example.

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PHP Caching to Speed up Dynamically Generated Sites

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 23/2/2011 beginner tutorials cache

This entire site, like many, is built in PHP. PHP provides the power to simply 'pull' content from an external source, in the case of my site this is flat files but it could just as easily be an MySQL database or an XML file etc..

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Getting Web Scale with Memcached

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 10/2/2011 advanced tutorials memcache php5

The web is huge, and there are a lot of people on it. Day and night, millions upon millions of people are on the web surfing, commenting, and contributing. Normally your blog gets a few hundred visitors a day ( a few thousand on a good day ), but what happens when that number increases? Can your database server handle all that load? Will Apache come screeching to a halt due to all of the requests? The answer is probably yes, unless you implement some form of caching. Many years ago this wasn’t a huge problem, but as the web and it’s user base has grown, so has the problem of "web scale"

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