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Flex and PHP: Party in the Front, Business in the Back

in PHP added by CalEvans, on 13/5/2007 advanced tutorials flash flex mvc ria zend framework

Since the first time I really saw and understood what Flash was and did, I've been jealous of what Flash designers could do. Beyond just the cute animations for banner ads and games, Flash designers have always had a much more fine-grained control on their environment that HTML allows for. Besides my innate inability to design anything like a usable interface, the main drawback that has kept me from exploiting Flash is I never could get my head around the "Movie Timeline" metaphor for programming. As we say back home, "It just ain't right."

That all changed with Flex. Now programmers can work with tools they are comfortable with and still take advantage of all of Flash's...well, flash. Flex won't help developers like me design eye-pleasing interfaces any more than a new pencil would improve my inability to draw. However, I can now put much more useful interfaces on my back-end code. That brings us to our topic, using Flex as a front-end for PHP web services. More specific, we will be using PHP and the Zend Framework as the back-end data source for a Flex application.

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Sun, May 13th 2007, 21:20
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