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PHP on the D-Bus

in PHP added by CalEvans, on 10/11/2009 advanced tutorials oo programming php5 podcast

The D-BUS Inter Process Communication mechanism is the basis for many system-related functionality on Linux-based systems. Both GNOME, KDE, as well as the Open Moko Linux computing platform use it extensively for everything related to talking to services and hardware. Skype, as well as other applications, provide D-BUS APIs as well. In this presentation I will be presenting a PHP/D-BUS integration to allow PHP to talk to D-BUS aware applications. I will demonstrate controlling Skype from PHP, as well as the implementation of PHP-GTK based applications on the OpenMoko to talk to, and use the different hardware services it offers, such as GSM and GPS. This talk should show a few things that people don’t really associate PHP with, and thus provide some insight that PHP’s strength is not only on the Web.

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