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Writing a daemon in PHP

in PHP added by besx, on 22/12/2009 daemon linux php5

Many browser based games need to run processes in the background to fulfill special tasks. Think of a chatsever that handles incoming messages and broadcasts them to all connected clients. For such a purpose one cannot rely on user-executed scripts or cronjobs. We need an approach that runs a set of commands all the time as a background process on the server. This is where daemons come in handy.

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Process Forking with PHP

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 16/6/2010 advanced tutorials daemon linux php5

Unix supports the process of forking which allows a parent process to spawn a subprocess and continue running both processes concurrently. It is possible to do this in PHP using the PHP Process Control Functions. Note that you should never attempt to use these process control forking functions when using a webserver; you should only fork applications when using the PHP command line client.

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