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Architecture Patterns: Domain Model and Friends

in PHP added by lornajane, on 24/6/2012 advanced tutorials design patterns oo programming oop php php5 techportal

An experienced developer gives us this great article with insight into a collection of patterns we can use to design our systems at a high level. This includes code for the patterns, and practical advice on choosing which is a good fit for your application

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PHP Design Patterns Reference and Examples

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 30/4/2010 advanced tutorials design pattern oo programming php5

Quite a comprehensive list of programming design patterns illustrated with code examples in PHP5

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Creating a MySQL Database Class Using the Singleton Design Pattern

in PHP added by thatspoppycock, on 24/3/2009 design patterns mysql oo programming php5 singleton

Using the Singleton Pattern is a simple way to limit the number of instances of an object to just one, helps keep database connections organized, and saves memory. This tutorial will help you create a MySQL database class using this popular design pattern.

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Design Patterns Quick Reference

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 31/12/2008 design patterns oo programming php5

So every time I am designing something new I find myself either searching Google or opening up a gang of four (GoF) book to aid me. I searched for a bit trying to find a handy-dandy flash card showing class diagrams and purposes for the basic GoF patterns but was unable to locate a good one (for free). So I made my own.If you see any mistakes or improvements please post here and I will update the docs.

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