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How To Build A Link Scraper Using PHP

in PHP added by jlaing, on 12/8/2007 advanced tutorials curl dom scraping user-agent xpath

A basic tutorial on how to build a PHP script that scrapes links from any web page. The article goes over extracting content from a site using cURL, parsing the content with PHP's Dom functions, finding links using XPath queries, and storing the links in a MySQL database. Legal issues associated with scraping content is discussed at the end of the tutorial.

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Dynamic XML document construction with the PHP DOM

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 26/10/2007 advanced tutorials dom xml

When working with XML-based applications, developers often find themselves facing the requirement to generate XML-encoded data structures on the fly. Examples of this include an XML order template based on user input in a Web form, or an XML representation of a server request or client response based on run-time parameters.

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