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Using PHP, AJAX to display Google Maps data

in PHP added by kombattom, on 4/8/2009 AJAX google api jquery map api mysql

A pretty much step by step guide on how I created MarylandLawyerSearch.net. Data is pulled using PHP, put into JavaScript and Google's Map API. Source code for all files are listed with step by step instructions.

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Creating a three dimensional pie chart using Google's Chart API

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 26/12/2007 Chart advanced tutorials google api

I ran across this great, easy but very useful API a few days ago. Now for the tutorial.. let's assume we make a website for the TalkPHP soccerteam. They've played 10 matches (6 won, 3 draw, 1 lost). We'll be making a nice three dimensional pie chart of those stats! Let me point out one little disadvantage before we start: This API has a limit to 50,000 queries per 24 hours. But futhermore nothing fency!

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