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PHP array pagination

in PHP added by python, on 3/4/2011 CMS array content flat file pageinate pages pagination

Pagination is widely used in database systems but is often not considered for flat file systems. This tutorial will teach you how to offer pagination for simple and complex PHP arrays.

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CRUD using jQuery and Codeigniter - Part 6

in PHP added by iFadey, on 10/11/2010 AJAX codeigniter crud datatable framework jquery jqueryui pagination search sorting

In this part you will learn how to perform clientside search, table sorting, limit records display at a time, and clientside pagination using jQuery.

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CodeIgniter and jQuery - Real Live Search with Pagination

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 22/10/2009 AJAX advanced tutorials codeigniter framework jquery pagination

In this tutorial, we will create a search page with CodeIgniter and jQuery. We’re not gonna create only a default search page using CodeIgniter framework, but also a real time search with jQuery’s support. And one more, enable GET method in CodeIginter that was stupidly disable by default.

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Simple PHP/MySQL Pagination

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 3/2/2007 databases mysql pagination

Learn how to implement pagination for results from a MySQL database. Full code for a php pagination class is presented.

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