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PHP Captcha Tutorial (in-depth)

in PHP added by techusky, on 2/1/2008 advanced tutorials captcha php5 security verification

This CAPTCHA script allows a user to easily customize things such as the string length, minimum and maximum font size, image size, the font used, and even the characters used, etc... Unlike most CAPTCHA scripts that generate the random text based on an md5 hash of the time, this one lets the user input specific numbers, uppercase, and lowercase characters they want used (or don't want used) in the creation of the CAPTCHA image. It also assures, regardless of the length of the string, that there is at least both 1 random upper and lowercase character in the string, thus making it more difficult for bots. Another feature in this script is that it randomly rotates each character on the image.

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Simplify e-mail validation routines with PHP

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 29/10/2007 email general regex regular expression verification

A very common task when building Web sites involves validating user-supplied e-mail addresses. In this article we'll show you how to use the powerful regular expression engine built into PHP.

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