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Installing MySQL on Windows

in PHP added by ducani, on 2/5/2008 installation mysql setup windows

As Web sites and Web-based applications become more important to commercial firms and other organizations, so too does the methods used for storing data online, such as customer contact information, system login details, product data, and much more. Rewritable flat files may be sufficient for extremely limited data for which security is not an issue. But for most Web sites and applications, a robust database is called for.

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Installing Apache on Windows

in PHP added by ducani, on 15/4/2008 apache install windows

Even though it is possible to do Web development and testing on a remote server, it is better to fully develop a new Web site on a local Web server, and then upload everything when it is finished, for many reasons: 1) Keeping the unfinished site off the Internet is safer, because as you begin developing the site, you probably have not put in all of your code for neutralizing any potential attacks against your site, including cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities...

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