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Fast PHP - effective optimisation and bottleneck detection

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 20/4/2010 cache optimisation performance xdebug

PHP is not the fastest language on earth. That honour probably goes to machine code. But like many high-level languages, PHP provides some handy abstractions, like named variables, hashmaps (associative arrays), a C-like syntax, object oriented capabilities, loose typing and so on – we trade processing speed for development ease.

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Debugging PHP with Xdebug

in PHP added by betacoder, on 13/11/2009 debugging php notepad++ xdebug

The Xdebug is the extension for PHP that helps debugging PHP scripts by providing a lot of valuable debug information. Using the Xdebug you can debug your scripts in the Notepad++ and other PHP IDEs.

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