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Tutorial: How to Create a Zip File with PHP / MySQL

in PHP added by anthonydamasco, on 3/4/2011 CMS export mysql zip

Recently I added a function to a CMS that I have been evolving to meet the needs of ereads.com. I needed to allow users to select items (in this case ebooks) from the system and then export files that are attached to the books. So lets get started!

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Tutorial: Create a zip file from folders on the fly

in PHP added by finalwebsites, on 24/9/2007 classes file handling scripts zip

Creating zip files on a web server is a feature which could be very useful for backups or just for offering an unknown number of dynamic files or folder inside of a directory. This tutorial shows us how handle that with only a few rows of PHP code!

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Dynamically Creating Compressed Zip Archives With PHP

in PHP added by CalEvans, on 7/6/2007 advanced tutorials compress zip

PHP too has included support for the ZIP format since PHP 4.x but it was only recently when, idly browsing the PHP manual, I realized that PHP 5.2.0 includes a re-engineered version of the ext/zip extension, one based on the zlib library. Bored and not a little intrigued, I decided to try it out. And over the next few pages, I'm going to tell you what I found.

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Using Files on the Server File System

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 3/1/2006 archive bzip file file handling filesystem zip

This tutorial covers both standard tasks such as reading and writing files, and advanced tasks such as archiving files in ZIP or BZ2 format. Many of these tasks can be solved in different, equally usable ways, so you truly have the freedom of choice.

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