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Single Sign-On with OpenID and Google Part 1

in PHP added by jlaing, on 15/4/2010 advanced tutorials openid single sign-on

Add "Login with Google" to your web application. This tutorial goes through the basics of OpenID. And talks specifically about Google's implementation.

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Create A Wordpress 2.5 Widget

in PHP added by jlaing, on 23/4/2008 advanced tutorials content management widgets wordpress

Create a plugin widget in Wordpress 2.5. Covers settings up and using sidebars in your template, activating your widget, and displaying your widget. This tutorial is best suited for people familiar with both PHP and Wordpress themes and plugins.

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How To Build A Link Scraper Using PHP

in PHP added by jlaing, on 12/8/2007 advanced tutorials curl dom scraping user-agent xpath

A basic tutorial on how to build a PHP script that scrapes links from any web page. The article goes over extracting content from a site using cURL, parsing the content with PHP's Dom functions, finding links using XPath queries, and storing the links in a MySQL database. Legal issues associated with scraping content is discussed at the end of the tutorial.

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Facebook PHP Tutorial

in PHP added by jlaing, on 6/8/2007 facebook general

The basics of using the Facebook PHP Client Library and how to get your application started, including:

1. Installing The Facebook Developer Application
2. Downloading The Facebook PHP Client Library
3. Creating Your Application
4. Hello Facebook! Example
5. FBML - Facebook Markup Language
6. Using the Facebook API

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